September 1st,1989
25 Years ago : Leipzig,Germany 06:20 a baby was born ,nobody will ever imagined that he will be one of the most amazing artist in the world,but something was missing… 10 minutes later another baby was born,in the same hospital,room, and from the same mom, his name is Bill Kaulitz , they are twins and more than artists are persons ,that in somehow are changing many lives,with their music,personality and acts.
I just can’t believe how fast time has past, I meet them at the 19 and now they have 25 :’) (Alien proud).
For this I really wish to Bill and Tom have an amazing birthday,enjoy your day and never forget: ”LIVE EVERY SECOND” HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY BILL & TOM KAULITZ

This Freakin’ thing made my WHOLE DAY/WEEK/MONTH

I cannot believe it yet, TOKIO HOTEL FOLLOWS ME!! I wanted for this almost for 2 years !1 And today I was Offline ,then I check Twitter to see what’s going on and someone write to me : Congratulations! I thought It was sarcasm,I searched for Tokio hotel account and BAM ! damn it !! That little freakin’ tine black line can makes you REALLY HAPPY !!

Usually We don’t   celebrte Valentine’s Day but Today was the BEST!

2 words = Follows You 1 Happiness 


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